weighing bar with separate indicator / compact



  • Display type:

    with separate indicator

  • Other characteristics:


  • Weight range:

    Min.: 15 kg (33.1 lb)

    Max.: 6,000 kg (13,227.7 lb)


Weighing bars.
The bars are provided by pairs.
Reduced dimensions, transportables.
The bars allow to turn small structures into scales of 2 or 4 load cells (according to the dimensions of the bars). In order to do this it is necessary to fix the bars on these structures (the width of the structures cant surpass the length of the bar).
To use in those cases where there are not lateral forces.
Made in steel and painted with enamel.
- Single cell bars of 400, 600 and 800 mm of length with capacities from 15 kg up to 600 kg (they compose a set of 2 load cells).
- 2 load cells bars of 1200 mm of length with capacities from 600 kg up to 6000 kg (they compose a set of 4 load cells).

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