Electronic weighbridge / metal / for vehicles


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    electronic, metal, for vehicles


B8C consists in a scale to be used in the weighing of vans.
This scale can be installed on-ground or in-built. The in-built installation allows the OMNIDIRECTIONAL circulation of the vans on the platform. It is for such reason that this scale is especially attractive to be used in small spaces where it is necessary to work on the platform.
The B8C series are electronic scales with capacities from 6.000 kg to 15.000 kg according to its dimensions, which can be 5, 6 and 8 m in length and 23 y 25 m. in width.
The scales of the series B8C can be installed with its own metal ramps when its situation is on-ground. Such fact enables an easy civil work and the possibility to start weighing just after the assembly of the scale.


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