manual adjustable-volume pipette / 12-channel / borosilicate glass
Diamond Advance™ series Globe Scientific Inc.



  • Type:

    manual adjustable-volume

  • Number of channels:


  • Material:

    borosilicate glass

  • Volume:



The Diamond Advance™ 12-channel pipettors are simple to operate, light weight and extremely comfortable to use. They feature a 360o rotating manifold which provides universal right or left hand use. Utilizing an elastomer grip, fatigue of the hands and fingers is minimized. The unique padding minimizes the transfer of body heat to the pipette, resulting in consitant accuracy. Each pipettor is color coded for quick volume identification. The pipettors are calibrated in an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and are offered with a 3 year warranty.

Removable, fully autoclavable manifold.
Each channel is calibrated individually.
3 year warranty
Light-weight and ergonomic design
Precise adjustment of dispensing volume.
Tip ejector