Motorized stage / XY / compact / precision
250 x 250 mm | GAS01-C 250 GMT GLOBAL INC.


  • Technology:


  • Number of axes:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, precision


XXY Alignment Stage
Bench size : 250x250 (mm)
Base size : 350x350 (mm)
Mechanical Functioning Theorem-
Module drives Module loading
Light-weight and Extra-thin-It creates the wing-free thin & lighter mechanism by applying the XYθ module.
The cross-roller bearings have been pre-loaded, to perform the whole unit high precision and rigidity.
Hollow structure-It can be used for the optical inspection devices or conduction tester.
All products are Cryogenic Treatment. It can not only significantly upgrade the toughness and operation lifetime but also improve the dimension stability of materials.
3D CMM- Ensure the quality and precision of the stage.


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