process indicator / ambient temperature / flow / power
D 1000 Golden Mountain Enterprise



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    process, ambient temperature, flow, power

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The D_1000_G general flow type with D_1000_F flow type has an Aluminum alloy or SS316 enclosure housing. It also has 5 digital which is -9999-69999 LCD display general type and a 10 digital Totalier on top and 8 digital Flow rate at the bottom LCD display flow type. The product has 4mA-20mA linear input, 500Ω loop resistance, 4mA-20mA analog accuracy, +.25% or -.25% zero manual adjustable linear span, -20ºC-+85ºC ambient temperature, 12V-35V DC power supply, .5in or .75in NPT female press connection with other choices available and .5in or .75in NPT female conduit connection or M20xp1.5 with adaptor with other choices available. It has flow units of Kg, GAL, NL, Nm³, cc, L and M³ , time units of Day, Hr, Min and Sec and other units of mA, A, mV, V, pH, ºF, ºC, psig, Pa, Kpa, Mpa, mbar, bar,mmHg, mmWC, Torr, %, M, cm and etc..