digital pressure gauge / Bourdon tube / for air / process
DPG3600 Golden Mountain Enterprise



  • Display:


  • Technology:

    Bourdon tube

  • Applications:

    for air, process

  • Pressure:

    Min.: 0 psi

    Max.: 150 psi


Pressure Range: 0 to 150 psi
Temperature Compensation: -10 to +60°C
Unit Selection: Psi, Bar, Mpa, Kg/Cm² available
Auto-Off Function
Longer Battery Life
Type: DPG3600-B: LCD Display + Battery Power
Socket Material: Brass
Power Supply: Battery CR2450 (3.0V, 500mAh)
Sampling Rate: 1.2 sec
Battery Life: 1 Year for continuous use
Pressure Range: 0~150 PSI
Measure Media: Dry Air
Burst Pressure: 2 x F.S.
Accuracy: ±1% F.S. (@25±3°C)
Unit: Psi, Bar, Mpa, Kg/cm² available
Resolution: 0.1Psi, 0.01Bar, 0.001Mpa, 0.01Kg/cm²
Compensated Temperature Range: -10 ~ +60°C
Humidity: 35~85% RH
Brass Port: 1/8”NPT or 1/4”NPT Male, option available
Weight: approx. 0.1 kg

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