wet polishing machine / for metals / for rice / CNC
SBR-POU 18/100 Golfetto Sangati - Pavan Group



  • Machined material:

    for metals, for rice

  • Other characteristics:

    CNC, surface, wet


The necessity of most operators in the rice sector to produce higher quality product with longer shelf life, has made Golfetto Sangati to develop a polishing machine for rice that is capable of satisfying these requests.

Traditional friction type whiteners don’t remove the bran layers completely and often damage the rice grain surface by scratching it.
Oil in the bran that remains adhering onto the rice are subject to oxidation and could become rancid, with the risk of deteriorating the product and development of bad smells.
Also bacteria and microorganisms could develop.

In the Horizontal Wet Polisher for Rice Type SBR POU 18/100, Golfetto Sangati have foreseen the application of an air draft with controlled moisture, during the whitening process, which helps to avoid these situations and allow for producing sound white polished rice with suitable characteristics.

The Horizontal Wet Polisher for Rice Type SBR POU 18/100 also allows for increasing the yield, compared to traditional attrition machines, thanks to the minor friction existing among the grains being processed.

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