Drain cleaning machine for pipe
1 400 psi (97 bar) | PJ-1400 Goodway


The PJ-1400 Drain Cleaner/Jetter is ideal for industrial drain cleaning use in sinks, showers, laundry tubs and floor drains, and processing lines. This powerful unit comes equipped with three nozzles (one blind thrust, one penetrating and one cornering) to remove grease, hair, sand, food, soap buildup and other debris in pipes 1"-4" (38-102mm) I.D. The unit features a 1 HP (1.1 kW) thermal protected motor and a triplex pump to deliver 1,400 PSI of cleaning, jetting force at 1.7 GPM (97 BAR of cleaning force at 6.4 LPM). This small and powerful tool is essential for industrial drain cleaning applications. An accessory kit (PJ-PW-1400)is available to also use this unit as a pressure washer.


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