box PLC / compact / integrated / DIN rail
IBX100-001 Googol Technology (HK) Limited



  • Type:

    box, compact, integrated, DIN rail

  • Input/output:

    with expandable I/O card, digital inputs, digital outputs

  • Network:

    Modbus, EtherCAT, RS232, Ethernet

  • Other characteristics:

    modular, high-speed, rugged, multi-axis, integrated data memory


"Intelligent control system integrated of logic control, motion control and Internet technology"

Industrial Internet
Support industrial private cloud platform.
Built-in FTP server, Web server and OPC server
Ethernet upload/download program, DHCP.
Support remote access, debug and control; easily implement integrated application with mobile internet.

Programming Environment Conformed to the International Standard IEC61131-3
Support 6 programming languages: IL, FBD, LD, ST, SFC and CFC.
Support the motion control module which conforms to PLCopen standard.

Multiple encryption methods

Strong Configuration
X86+DSP+FPGA processor

Strong Real-time Multiple Tasks
Can support max 16 tasks’ concurrent execution, minimum scan cycle is 1ms.

Infinite Extension
Max extension to 65535 I/O through EtherCAT bus.
Max extension to 2048 I/O through gLink bus.

Multiple Communication Interfaces
Support EtherCAT, Modbus (RS232), EtherNet, gLink, USB and any other communication interface.

Optimized Structure Design
Modular construction, flexible extension, fan-less design, excellent performance of cooling pads made of die casting aluminum alloys.

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