articulated robot / 6-axis / for welding / handling
CA05N Googol Technology (HK) Limited



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  • Function:

    for welding, handling

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• Top speed: By using light-weight arms and small sized motors, the fastest speed and acceleration is greatly enhanced. In addition, by adjusting acceleration of load and orientation, optimal continuous performance is fulfilled and cycle time is greatly reduced.

• Tiny wrist and high torque: Compact wrist realizes free operation in narrow space. In addition, by adopting high output rotational torque and high rotating speed small-sized motors as well as enhancing wrist stiffness to raise the wrist loading capacity. The selection range of gripper, tool, and work piece shape is also broadened.

• Large area operation range: Besides maximum operation range, it also broadens the area of the all the axes. Thus expansion of the lower region and main body neighboring region action range is realized. The layout freedom is also raised.

• Good environment adaptability: Each joint adopts double layer sealing structure and water proof interface so that the wrist part Ingress Protection Rating and basic axis Ingress Protection Rating reach IP67 and IP65 respectively.

• High expandability: In the process of selecting accessories, built-in solenoid valve and detecting cable are applied so that the application of peripheral robotic arms, loading and uploading becomes easier. Moreover, standard cable bracket installation screw holes are configured in each axis of the robotic arm so that additional tubing and wiring can be achieved later on.