Digital I/O module / CANopen / distributed / remote
RT132-1BL00-CAN Googol Technology (HK) Limited


  • Signal type:


  • Bus:


  • Type:

    distributed, remote, safety

  • Applications:

    PLC, automation

  • Number of inputs/outputs:

    32 digital outputs

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, rugged, IP


Softlink iModule CANopen 32DO Module (MOSFET)

iModule series integrated bus I/O combine communication interface, power modules, I/O module design into a highly integrated single module with compact structure and high cost performance, widely applied in various industrial automation occasions.
1. Integrated design, vibration resistance, high safety performance
2. Spring terminals, reliable connection, easy wiring
3. Two-layer wiring terminals, saving external wiring space
4. Support PNP and NPN input
5. Optimize internal power supply design, saving external installation space
6. Support up to 32 DI/DO


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