16-I/O I/O module / digital / CANopen / distributed
RT133-1BL00-CAN Googol Technology (HK) Limited



  • Signal type:


  • Bus:


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    PLC, automation

  • Number of inputs/outputs:


  • Mounting:

    DIN rail-mounted

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, rugged, IP


Profibus is also a popular modern industry Fieldbus developed on RS485, according to the ISO / OSI reference model standard, becoming a German standard when published in DIN19245 in April 1991. With the maximum transfer rate of 12Mbps / 100 meters and the maximum transmission distance of 1200 meters /9.6kbps, the Profibus network's size up to 126 nodes, the network length 100-1200m.

iModule series of Profibus I/O enables fast connection to Profibus bus network, via acquiring signals and communicating with the master station, to complete a reliable control of fieldbus devices.