benchtop scale / with LCD display / stainless steel / hygienic
S5i series Gram Group



  • Type:


  • Display type:

    with LCD display

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, hygienic, IP65

  • Applications:


  • Weight range:

    6 kg, 15 kg, 30 kg (13.2 lb)



Hygienic design: Finished in AISI-SAE 304 stainless steel to comply with HACCP guidelines.
Easy to clean: Minimises cross-contamination.
Watertightness: IP65 protection against dust and liquids.
Customisable: Configure ticket printouts.
Connectivity: Sends data directly to PC.

Auto-hold: The weight value remains on the screen, even after the item has been removed.
Automatic tare:With memory for 20 numerical tare values and that of the last item weighed.
Verification: It identifies whether a weight is within a range of values.
Part counter: It determines exact quantities of parts.