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The RSA (Rubber Spring Actuated) scraper provides superior
contaminant exclusion in the most rugged service conditions.
A compression-activated device, the RSA scraper uses a low compression set rubber O-ring “spring” to maintain the constant radial
compression that results in continual contact with both the rod
and gland diameter—even in extreme cold, under high linear
speeds and during heavy side loading. The RSA scraper’s unique
radial design virtually eliminates rod wear and prevents rolling
or twisting while retaining sufficient upstream fluid to assure
lubrication of the primary seal, resulting in extended service life.
Additionally, the RSA scraper can be wave cut for ease of installation
for nonstandard applications.
The RSA scraper is manufactured in a broad range of high modulus
elastomers including hydrogenated nitrile and our proprietary,
low-temperature urethane. Its energizer is available in a variety of
elastomeric materials, each compounded for service in specific
fluids and temperatures.


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