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UFP465 Grimm Aerosol Technik



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    online, continuous


TGRIMM model 465 is a stand-alone outdoor system containing the Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) 5412-7. The instrument is designed for measuring total number concentration in ambient air covering particle sizes down to 7 nm.

The UFPC 465 is a complete stand-alone system that needs only a power supply for continuous long term outdoor operation. It contains a Nafion-dryer, the Condensation Particle Counter 5412-7, and a data logger; all components are integrated in a weather-proof casing. Pumps, dryer and liquid reservoirs are designed for unattended long-term operation, and the data can be transferred online to a webserver. The CPC 5412-7 is designed in dependence to the standards CEN-TC264 WG 32 and US EPA-CASAC-11-001.

Customers benefits

•All-in-one system for measuring total number concentration in ambient air
•Detects particles > 7 nm
•Measures concentrations up to 150000 P/ccm in single count mode and up to 10^7 P/ccm in photometric mode
•Unique saturator key for easy transport without drying
•Self-tests to assure highest reliability of measured data
•Additional sensors e.g. for measuring humidity in sample air