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The Gelcoat Curing Heat Tunnel system is an excellent way to accelerate the cure time for gelcoated molds. Utilizing a heater and blower to move warm air across the surface of molds curing times can be cut by more than 50%*, while at the same time enabling a better, more durable cure.

The addition of a Gruber Gel Coat Curing oven to your manufacturing operation gives you complete control over the gel coat curing environment. This can significantly improve both your production timeline and the quality of your finished product. A blower passes heated air through the oven, which allows the gel coat to cure more rapidly and evenly. This reduces the curing time which lets you put molds back into production at a faster rate. The positive flow through the tunnel eliminates contamination from bugs, etc, and removes styrene pockets. An optional air filtration system for the furnace is also available to help prevent contamination of gel coated molds.


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