water pump / for hot water / electric / centrifugal



  • Media:

    water, for hot water

  • Operation:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    low-noise, corrosion-resistant, recirculation, stainless steel, PTFE, brass

  • Power:

    Max.: 8.5 W (0.01 hp)

    Min.: 5 W (0.01 hp)


The Grundfos COMFORT pumps come with a design that allows them be used with domestic hot-water systems in houses of single and two families. The pump comes equipped with a spherical motor and, unlike conventional canned-rotor motors, the spherical motor does not come with a rotating bearing shaft. The stator is the component responsible for transferring the magnetic field to the rotor in the water-conducting part of the pump.

The pump is only suitable for pressurized hot water systems, with part of it being hermetically separated from the stator with the use of a stainless steel spherical separator. COMFORT pumps are specifically designed for hot water recirculation systems and there are numerous features and benefits made available by the manufacturer for all customers, including easy maintenance and replacement.