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Crystal growth furnace / heating / for photovoltaic silicon ingot
DSS™450 MonoCast™ GT Advanced Technologies


  • Type:

    crystal growth

  • Function:


  • Product application:

    for photovoltaic silicon ingot


DSS™450 MonoCast is the latest addition to GTs industry leading DSS™ family.

The DSS™450 MonoCast™ can achieve mono volume yield that is greater than 80% of the ingot*. That translates to more mono region per wafer which helps drive even higher efficiency at the cell and module level. And for customers that seek uncompromised quality, the DSS™450 MonoCast™ can produce up to 50% more Grade I wafers (>90% mono area) than other industry solutions.

Cells made with MonoCast™ wafers have lower Light Induced Degradation (LID) and offer additional area from their full square form. This can produce higher efficiency modules comparable to monocrystalline modules made from boron-doped batch CZ monocrystalline material.


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