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Pad printing machine with closed ink cup / automatic
EVO 4C Hammer GTO


  • Type:

    with closed ink cup

  • Other characteristics:


  • Printing force:

    2200 N

  • Printing speed:

    1100 p/h


Structure entirely in aluminium fusion designed for 4 colour, high production printing. Equipped with caterpillar object transport system with 22 stations, adjustable on three axes with the option of single or double step moving. Wide space dedicated to loading and unloading of objects even automatically. Equipped with 4 hermetic ink cups complete with internal and external teflon treatment process which reduces cleaning times. Different strokes for inkpad and hermetic ink cup groups. Electronically controlled inkpad descent with different strokes. Hermetic ink cup group adjustable on three axis, insertable pauses in the printing cycle: cliche station, printing station.


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