Planetary gear reducer / flange-mounted
625 - 15 000 Nm | GSP series Güdel

Planetary Gear GSP
GÜDEL supplies complete solutions for power trains that require high dynamics using planetary gear reducers. In the project planning phase, our sophisticated methods of calculation enable us to predetermine the best suited components for your system.

Weight and space are saved by the compact design of the power train and its integrated pinion.

High-performance, high efficiency, low noise levels, highly accurate power transmission and exceptional torsional stiffness characterize our power train solutions.

GÜDEL Planetary Gear Reducers GSP
* Integrated high-performance taper roller bearings,positioned close to the drive flange (pat. pending) provide a 2 to 3 times longer service life than other commercially available planetary gears as well as high tilting and radial stiffness
* Quick easy motor assembly,designed to meet the widest range of motors on the market
* An innovative two-stage differential drive gear (pat.pending.) results in a compact design and low inertia
* Wide range of torque from 210 Nm to 6000 Nm with the option to add high performance bevel gear drives
* Multiple mounting options for the rack thanks to precise grinding of all four faces
* High reliability due to wear resistant surface treatment and individually deburred teeth. Highest precision is achieved with the form-fitting design of the pinion.
* Highest reliability thanks to high reserves in torque capacity


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