Planetary gear reducer / coaxial / flange-mounted
GSP series Güdel


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These Planetary Gear Reducers GSP models are developed out of sophisticated calculation methods that enable Güdel to predetermine the most suitable components for a system. For space-efficiency, the compact design features a power train and integrated pinion. Benefits include low noise levels, impressive torsional stiffness, high accuracy with power transmissions, etc.

Integrated taper roller bearings that are positioned to the drive in a patent pending design provide two to three times’ longer service when compared to many other planetary gears on the market. The motor assembly is fast and easy. The torque has a wide range from 210-Nm to 6,000-Nm, with an option to add bevel gear drives. The two-stage differential drive gear design results in low inertia. High reliability is made possible with individually deburred teeth and wear resistant surface treatment.


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