motorized welding positioner / rotary / vertical / 1-axis
GP series Gullco International



  • Type:


  • Orientation:

    rotary, vertical

  • Number of axes:



Gullco's welding positioner a positive drive rotary turn table complete with mounting flange, drive and tilt mechanism and microprocessor based pulse width modulation motor control is the premier choice to increase productivity,quality and profitability in circumferential welding applications. With availability in standard and programmable models, it features low voltage permanent magnet motor and gearhead power unit assembly. Its speed is controlled by optical tachometer and for speed variability rotary speed adjustment potentiometer is fitted on the remote control. Manual setting of Table tilt can be done from 0°-90°angle and operator interface functions(start, stop, neutral clockwise/anticlockwise rotation, speed variation)can be handled by microprocessor control.