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epoxy resin / for floor coverings
CR 3400 Gurit


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    for floor coverings


CR 3400 IN-MOULD EPOXY PROCESS COAT Easy to sandMay also be used with some Gurit prepregs CR 3400 is an in-mould epoxy surfacing system for epoxy laminates, and is designed to be used as the base for the subsequent application of a paint scheme. CR 3400 is therefore formulated to be easily sandable so that once released, the CR 3400 surface can be readily keyed prior to the application of the paint system. This feature gives additional benefits in that any minor surface defects caused by laminate print-through or mould imperfections can easily be sanded away. CR 3400 is applied into a mould in the same way as other epoxy gelcoats, and has similar handling characteristics. However, the product has a considerably longer overcoating window than other gelcoats - up to one day with Standard hardener at 20°C / 70°F. This means that the system can also be used in a very flexible manufacturing environment.Typical ApplicationsCR 3400 is designed to be backed up with Ampreg 22 and Ampreg 26 epoxy laminating systems. Under certain conditions it may also be used in conjunction with SE 70, SE 84 prepregs, ST 70 and ST 95 SPRINT® systems. CR 3400 must be painted prior to water immersion.


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