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Epoxy resin / laminating system / laminating / translucent
SP 115 Gurit


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    laminating system, laminating

  • Other characteristics:

    translucent, low-viscosity


¬ Excellent Clarity
¬ Good ultra-violet resistance
¬ Rapid fibre wet-out

SP 115 is a low viscosity, ultra-clear epoxy laminating system. It has been designed for the manufacture of laminates which are to remain unpainted, and where a very clear finish is required. The material also contains blue UV filters which give the product its characteristic transparent pale violet/blue colour. These filters both enhance the sharpness of embedded graphics and, when overcoated with a suitable UV-screening PU varnish, will reduce the tendancy of clear laminates to yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

SP 115 also exhibits a high degree of toughness and water resistance, enhancing the strength and damage tolerance of the thin laminates typically used in sail and surfboard manufacture. Being completely solvent and styrene-free, polystyrene foam blanks can be safely used to produce boards of the lightest possible weight.


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