precision support / aluminum / adjustable
LAM-19 Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.



  • Other characteristics:

    precision, aluminum, adjustable


Linear Adjustable Mounts are typically attached to a process head for fine adjustment of the laser focus spot relative to the workpiece. Each Linear Adjustable Mount has a clear aperture of 19mm with male 1"-32 threads on top, and female 1"-32 threads on the bottom. It easily connects in line with other "19mm Series" components.
A sealed design prevents contaminants from entering the beam path. The micrometer allows for precision linear adjustments. The standard 25mm & 50mm stroke design allows for retraction of the lower mount under compressive loads.
Haas part number LAM-19-25-VE shown above. Download technical drawings for each stock part number on the right. Download free Adobe PDF reader and SolidWorks Viewer on the left.