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Chlorine analyzer / pH / for integration / in-line
CLF10 Hach


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    for integration

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The CLF10 sc analyzer uses Hach's exclusive self diagnostics to alert users when the process has changed or the instrument needs servicing. Diagnostic features include the Cal Watch algorithm for warning of pH and chlorine calibration deviation and a non-contacting flow sensor for notification of insufficient sample flow. Free chlorine measurement with an amperometric analyzer, such as the CLF10 sc, does not require reagents, eliminating the need for routine reagent replacement and waste stream management. The CLF10sc free chlorine analyzer allows for real-time control of disinfection processes by providing continuous readings that indicate when treatment conditions have changed. Product includes free chlorine sensor, chlorine sensor block, sc200 controller, scGateway, stainless steel panel, pH flow cell and pHd sensor.


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