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Plasma cutting machine / oxyacetylene / CNC
1 500 - 6 000 mm | PROXIMA series Haco

The HACO PROXIMA base consists of IPE profiles (I-beams) over the entire length. The gantry of the machine rests on oversized linear guides, mounted on these IPE profiles, and is driven by brushless Servo motors with rack-and-pinion system on both sides (double X-axis drive).

The machine base is longer than the length of the cutting table, as to provide a free space at the back of the table to ‘park’ the gantry to avoid damage to the cutting head while loading and unloading material sheets.

The plasma cutting head and or oxy-fuel cutting head is mounted on a rest (carrier), which is attached to the gantry for movement in the Y-direction. The height of the cutting torch is controlled by a DC motor. During cutting with the plasma torch, the voltage of the plasma arc is measured and used to keep the torch at an equal distance from the sheet for optimum cutting results.

The cutting table of the PROXIMA is separated from the gantry and IPE Profiles. It consists of approx. 500 mm wide scrap bins with integrated fume extraction doors. These doors are opened automatically by pneumatic valves which are controlled by the position of the gantry. The selective opening of the doors thus guarantees very efficient fume extraction, an absolute requirement for plasma cutting applications.


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