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metal sheet loading and unloading system / for sheet metal / modular
3015 Haco


  • Product applications:

    for metal sheets, for sheet metal

  • Other characteristics:



The SHEET TRANSFER 3015 is designed for the loading of sheets from a pallet onto the CNC Punching Machine, and the unloading of the punched sheet from the machine table onto a stacking unit. The main frame of the system is a rigid, bolted structure with over-dimensioned linear guides and motorised wagons. It consists of a:

Loading device with sheet seperation unit and thickness measuring unit:

The pallet with the sheets is put on an over-dimensioned frame structure with 2 magnets for the pre-separation of steel plates and 3 stop bars to gauge the material. The loading unit consists of a frame carrying the pneumatic suction cups and a special pneumatic system (front left corner) for separation of the sheets. This special pneumatic system shakes the front left corner of the sheet to separate the sheet from the one underneath, with extra help from a jet of compressed air through an air blowing device (adjustable in height).
The vertical movement of the suction cup frame has 2 speeds for better separation of the sheets. Once the sheet is lifted, a special device measures the thickness of the sheet to check whether only 1 sheet has been taken. If this is the case, a special intermediate table comes in between the lifted sheet and the sheet pallet, at the same height of the table of the punching machine.
At this point, the system waits for the punching machine to finish punching the previous sheet. When the previous sheet is finished, the new sheet is moved horizontally to the machine and is held at about 25 mm above the punched sheet on the punch table.