surface mounted enclosure / rectangular / aluminum / waterproof
häwa GmbH



  • Construction:

    surface mounted

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These aluminium housings of Häwa is tested to be very great for metal protection of electrical, electronic or pneumatic components. The standards for VDE 0110, group C corresponds to all air gaps and creep distances for enclosures. The housings are fully equipped with strip terminals or series terminals. The surface is made up of baked synthetic resin painting, light grey, similar to RAL 7001. It also has special paintings that are accessible upon request.

Moreover, it is composed of cast or chilled cast aluminium and a sealing that is petrol and oil resistant that has Neoprene sponge rubber thread introduced in the seal. It has a protection degree of IP 659 to DIN EN 60529 and Nema 4. It also has a temperature range that has common rubber resistant from -40° to +80°C.