compact enclosure / rectangular / stainless steel / explosion-proof
häwa GmbH



  • Construction:


  • Configuration:


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Protection level:



Housings Ex"p" offers complete explosion protection for the highest requirements.

The designing of the product has been done for the purpose of protecting pressurized apparatus used in the offshore and in the petrochemical industries. Those areas that have risk of dust and gas explosions, can use this product.
These enclosures comply with the following:
EN 60529:1991 + A1:2000
EN 61439-1:2009
EN 60079-31:2009
EN 60079-2:2007

Its features include its robustness, lack of dead spots, customizable sizes and dust-tight property.

Technical Parameter

Ground connection is offered both inside and outside
The closed enclsoure design is robust
A non-aging gasket is available. Optional double gasket is provided.
A quarter turn latch system is used as lock.
The material is externally brushed stainless steel.