universal testing machine / tensile / tensile strength / materials



  • Test type:

    universal, tensile, tensile strength

  • Test material:


  • Other characteristics:

    double-column, electromechanical, computer-controlled



This Universal Tensile Test Machine can do tensile test, tear test, peel test, bond test with different clamps for plastic ,rubber,leather,textile,tape,film and other kind of materials.

This universal test equipment uses the motor to drive screw to move fixtures. Fix sample between upper and lower fixture and pull sample by the upper fixture upward with specified speed. The load cell connecting with upper fixture will sense the force and then convert it into voltage sign to the display screen. Force value will be displayed automatically on the PC screen.

Optional Accessories:
1. Clamps
2. Plastic & Rubber Wedge Clamp (1000kg)
3. Metal Wedge Clamp(2000kg)
4. Bend Clamp
5. Compression Plate

Load cell:
1. 500kg load cell
2. 100kg load cell
3. Calibration Certificate
4. Calibration Device

Standard Features:
Max. Force:2000 kg (20KN)
Load cell: Germany brand load cell for high accuracy
Control system :PC with windows 7 system
Force reading :kgf, Ibf, N, KN, T etc
Stoke:1200mm including fixture
Load cell Resolution:1/250,000
Load Precision:≤0.5%
Test speed:0.1~500mm/min (adjustable)
Test width:≤400mm
Software :TM 2101

Design Standard(inculding but not limited to... ):
1. Tensile Test: ASTM D882 ASTM D 638 / ISO 527-1/2
2. Bend Test ISO-178 / ASTM D 790
3. Tear Test:ASTM D 624
4. Peel Test : ASTM D 3330
5. Compression Test : ASTM D 659
6. others...

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