universal testing machine / compression / bending / tensile



  • Test type:

    universal, compression, bending, tensile, tension, shearing

  • Test material:


  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic, computer-controlled


Hydraulic Clamping/30t-300t Load range/ASTM GB JB CE ISO ..

product description:

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine is mainly used to execute the tension, compression, bending, shearing etc. test for metal materials. is mainly used for metal, non-metallic materials, stretching, compression, bending and other mechanical properties of the test and analysis. Can be automatically obtained ReH, ReL, Rp0.2, Fm, Rt0.5, Rt0.6, Rt0.65, Rt0.7, Rm, E and other test parameters, and according to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS International standards for testing and provision of data.

The oil cylinder:
The oil cylinder is at the bottom of the load frame, tension space is at the upside of the load frame, compression and bending space is between lower crosshead and working table. The lower crosshead is driven by motor through decelerator, chain transmission device and screw pair, so realize the adjustment of testing space.

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine adopts oil pressure transducer to measure load, use computer control & display load.

1. Bend Clamp
2. Compression Plate

Standard Features:
1. Max. Load: 1000KN
2. Load range: 20KN-1000KN
3. Load accuracy: ±1%
4. Elongation resolution: 0.01mm
5. Piston stroke: 250mm
6. Max. piston stroke speed: 50mm/min
7. Elongation accuracy: ±1%
8. Max. Tensile space: 550mm(excluding piston stroke)
9. Max. Compression space: 500mm(excluding piston stroke)
10. Display mode: PC
11. Clamping mode: Hydraulic

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