fatigue test stand / durability / for chassis / for chairs



  • Test type:

    fatigue, durability

  • Test material:

    for furniture, for chairs, for chassis

  • Other characteristics:



Main function :

Chair Base Tester is used for the vertical pressure testing , destructive testing and fatigue testing of the office chair Ipomoea base ( Star Base ) , repeated pressure loading in setting force and test cycle as the fatigue test . All holding pressure time and cycle number of tests can be adjusted .

Computer operation :

With “Windows” work platform , all parameters set by dialog , easy to operate ;
Software language all in English ;
Edit the test reports by yourself , all test parameters in main interface ; Can choose time and elongation , elongation and force and others curve
With variety unit , metric system can switch ;
With automatic back and calibration function ; with magnification function to reach suitable graph ;
Test speed can settable by customer ;
With define test method , all test parameters can analysis automatically ;
Get the test reports automatic and print out in A4 paper , also with curve or save in Word format .

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