fatigue testing machine / endurance / durability / for chairs



  • Test type:

    fatigue, durability, endurance

  • Test material:

    for chairs



1 . Chair Caster Durability Tester is used to evaluate the quality and wear life of the caster in chair .
2 . OEM
Bifma × 5 . 1-2011 Section 17 , X5 . 5 Section 18 , X5 . 9 Section 11

Effective stroke 900 mm

Standard loading pad , loading tray * 1 , weight : 113kg

Test speed : 10 CPM

Application Standards:EN 1335, BIFMA X5.1

1. Product description :

To evaluate the ability of chair base and casters to withstand fatigue stresses and wear caused by moving the chair back and forth . Seat surface to place the weight ( 113 kg ) , the holding fixture driven by motor and timing belt move to and fro , in order to assess the the casters of wear life , stroke rate and the number of times can be set .

Chair caster durability testing machine is applied to assess the compressive ability of office chair armrest endurancealong the horizontal direction and vertical direction, and the durability of office chair armrest under the action of cyclic ateral pressure (10 degrees angle direction with plumb line ), to determine the compressive strength of office chair armre
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