stress test testing machine / durability / for chairs / for backrest



  • Test type:

    durability, stress test

  • Test material:

    for chairs, for backrest


The usage

Chair Backrest Durability Testing Machine is to evaluate the ability of the chair back to withstand the fatigue stress and wear that occur as the result of user exerting backward pressure on the chair.
the testing methods:fix chair and impose a poise of 225pounds on the seat surface and keep the tilt mechanism reciprocating movement within its front and back limits for 300000 times at a speed of 10-30cpm.


This test shall be performed on Type Il and lll chairs.

( Type II - Fixed seat angle, tilting backrest

Type lll - Fixed seat angle, fixed backrest )

Note: This test does not apply to chairs with backrest height less than 200 mm (7.9 in.).

Purpose of Test

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the ability of the chairs to withstand fatigue stresses and

wear caused by rearward force on the backrest of the chair

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