furniture indentation hardness tester



  • Product applications:

    for furniture


Product introduction:

Spongy indentation hardness tester specimen was placed on the lower pressure plate , between the upper platen , to define the A speed down compressed sizespecimens to the requirements of the national standard ( B , C ) defined concavity at

Standard Features:

Max capacity: 200kg
Plane plate: Holes diameter 6mm, space 20mm
Indentor: Having an overall diameter of 250 mm± 1 mm with a 25 mm± 1 mm radius at its lower edge
Test force: 750 N ± 20 N during one loading cycle
Speed: (70 ± 5) times per minute
Sample size: Test pieces shall be right parallelepipeds having sides of length 380 mm± 20 mm and a thickness of 50 mm± 2 mm.
Counter : 6 digits cycle counter for test cycle setting
Display: LCD touch screen
Additional function: Adjust the test position during testing to compensate the force automatically
Dimension: 760×780×1350mm

application standards:
ASTM D 3574, ISO 3385

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