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    with xenon arc lamp

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Product description:
Xenon lamp aging chamber simulated under different environmental conditions, the material is exposed to changes in sunlight produced for product development and quality control to provide the appropriate environment for simulation and acceleration test It can provide data for user to evaluate the products' properties and performance in order to improve the product qualities.

Application industry (not limited to the following):
1. Paint ink paint, resin, plastic
2. Printing and packaging, aluminum, adhesives
3. Motorcycle industry, cosmetics,
4. Metal, electronics, electroplating, medicine and so on.

Main Parameter:
Internal Dimension (W*D*H): 800*800*800mm
External Dimension (W*D*H): 1450*1500*2000mm
Inner chamber material: SUS 304 # Stainless Steel, Anti-rust, easy to clean
Outer chamber material: Stainless steel
Chamber Temperature: 40±3℃
Temperature Uniformity: ≤3℃
Blank panel temperature :65±3℃
Humidity Range :55%-90%
Irradiated intensity: 0.35±0.02w/m²at 340nm (within±10%)
Xenon lamp power:6.KW water-cooled xenon lamp x 1pc

Safety Protection:
1. Over heat protection for fan,
2. Over load protection for cooling system,
3. Over pressure protection for cooling system,
4. Over temperature protection,
5. Over heat and over flow protection for water pump,
6. Leakage protection, Water shortage protection,
7. Auto stop after failure warning

Main Feature:
1. Automatic controlled by temperature controller,
2. inner chamber cooled by refrigerating system
3. adopt wired transmission technology, which highly improve the control accuracy.
4. Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature body.

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