drying oven / heat treatment / chamber / electric



  • Function:

    drying, heat treatment

  • Configuration:


  • Heat source:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel


Application :

Hot Air drying oven is suitable for electronic , petroleum , mining , medicine , machinery manufacturing , etc . Products of drum wind drying and heat treatment . This series product is safe , energy saving , thermal insulation performance is good , the drying oven temperature uniformity is good , simple installation , convenient maintenance , etc .

Structure :

1. Drying oven adopts monolithic , thermal insulation layer is made of high quality mineral wool , shell , hot air circulation device , electric control cabinet on the right side of the oven is convenient for operation , drying cabinet equipped with new air in and out of port , the cabinet ventilation duct and hot air circulation fan , drying the casing .

1. Case material : body skeleton adopts 40 x 40 mm Angle steel welded together , enclosure wall material is 0 . 8 mm thick stainless steel plate ; Wind layer is made of thick 1 ( SPCC ) cold rolling steel plate , the outer wall material is 1 mm cold rolled high carbon steel , body surface coating light gray paint .

1. Thermal insulation material : high quality mineral wool , the thickness of the insulation layer design requirements to ensure that the oven in the rated operating temperature range , casing outer wall temperature at room temperature + 25 °C or less ; > 100 mm insulation layer thickness of insulating layer at the bottom of the oven about 80 mm .

1. Door sealing strip : High temperature resistant asbestos rope seal

1. The door is : Design to open the door and the door is manual flat open , the door is steel structure steel and precision of high qualified steel plate assembly welding and into .

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