salt spray test chamber

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salt spray test chamber salt spray test chamber - HD-e808


  • Type:

    salt spray

  • Capacity:

    60 l (16 gal)


Touch Screen Programmable Salt Spray Test Equipment

1. Product introduction:
This product is applicable for various kinds material's surface treatment, such as after coating, electroplate, inorganic and organic membrane dermails, negative pole with antirust oil treatment etc anti-corrosive treatment to test the corrosion-resistance of the product.

2. Design standard:
CNS: 3627, 3385, 4159, 7669, 8886;
JIS: D0201, H8502, H8610, K5400, Z2371;
ISO: 3768, 3769, 3770;
ASTM: 8117, B268.

3. Standard Parameters:
High precision P.I.D.temperature control meter with its error ±0.1°C.
Temperature Uniformity: ≤±2℃
Temperature Precision: ±1℃
Spraying method: Continuous and Periodic spray type
Saturated air Barrel Temperature: Salt Spray Method (NSS ACSS)47±1℃
Corrosion-resistant Testing Method (CASS) :63±1℃
Spray Quantity: 1.0~2.0 ml / 80cm2 / hr

4. Purpose:
Touch Screen Programmable Salt Spray Test Equipment is applicable for the salt spray corrosive test for the protection layer of components,parts, electronic and electrical parts and metal materials and industrial products.

5.Experimental space volume:
60L/90L/120L/160L/800L (can be customized)

6.Application Industry:
1. Electronic products: mobile phones, computers, television, video recorders and so on
2. Textile fabric products: clothes, hats, shoes, ropes
3. Wire and cable: data cable, usb,
4. Leather products: handbags, wallets, leather shoes, leather chairs
5. Instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metal,
6. Food, chemical, building materials, medical, aerospace
7. Others

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