climatic test chamber / humidity and temperature / automatic



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    climatic, humidity and temperature

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Product description :
Climatic test chamber can do temperature test,humidity test for to detect the testing sample performance in difference environmental.

Item Specification:
Temperature range: -40~+150℃
Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃
Humidity range: 20~98%R.H. (Refer Image below)
Humidity accuracy: ±3%R.H
Cooling speed: 1℃/min in average (without loading)
Heating speed: 3℃/min in average (without loading)
Compressor: France Tecumseh compressor

Application Industry:
1. Electronic products: mobile phones, computers, television, video recorders and so on
2. Textile fabric products: clothes, hats, shoes, ropes
3. Wire and cable: data cable, usb,
4. Leather products: handbags, wallets, leather shoes, leather chairs
5. Instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metal,
6. Food, chemical, building materials, medical, aerospace
7. Others

Experimental space volume:
100L/150L/225L/408L/800L/1000L (can be customized)

climatic chamber features:
1. Programmable controller-Easy to operate, Accurate data,connect computer for output
2. Humanized chamber design-Doorframe,Different body size and test space,Easy to clean
3. Safety protection device
4. Quiet operation (68 dBA)
5. A wide range of test indicators:-40~+150℃ / 20~98%R.H.

Design Standard:
GB/T2423/5170/10586, JIS C60068, ASTM D4714, CNS3625/12565/12566

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