rebound resilience test stand

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rebound resilience test stand rebound resilience test stand - HD-F754


  • Test type:

    rebound resilience


Foams Ball Rebound Tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM GB/T6670-2008, American Standard D3574and ISO8307 testing standards. And it suits for testing rebound performance of soft polyurethane foam ball. The tester through a given diameter and weight of iron ball dropping on foam sample at a certain height, and then calculate the percentage between maximum height of iron ball rebound and the height of iron ball dropping, this percentage is also called resilience ratio . Resilience ratio means foam rebound performance of poly foam. The tester adopts the microprocessor control, Chinese liquid crystal display, and it can print the test result. The tester is safe, reliable, with high measuring precision.

The certification

ISO 9001:2000; ISO 9001:2008; QS-9000; ISO 14001:2004; CE, SGS, SMC, CMC, CPA, CE,CMA,IMC

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