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    with xenon arc lamp

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Item Specification
Internal Dimension (W*D*H) 800*800*800mm
External Dimension (W*D*H) 1450*1500*2000mm
Inner chamber material SUS 304 # Stainless Steel, Anti-rust, easy to clean
Outer chamber material Stainless steel
Chamber Temperature 40±3℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤3℃
Blank panel temperature 65±3℃
Humidity Range 50%-90%
Irradiated intensity 0.35±0.02w/m²at 340nm
Xenon lamp power 6.5KW water-cooled xenon lamp x 1pc

1, Ventilation system: Automatic controlled by temperature controller, and inner chamber cooled by refrigerating system
2, Back panel thermometer: adopt wired transmission technology, which highly improve the control accuracy.
3, Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature body.
4, Equip with intelligent temperature and humidity controller, with PID adjustment and rapid self-turning. It can set several parameters to do cyclic test, directly digital temperature display for easy reading.

GB12831-86 Vulcanized rubber artificial climate (xenon lamp) Aging Test Method
GB/T1644.2-1999Plastics laboratory light exposure test method
GB/T8427-89 textile color fastness test, resistance to artificial light fastness xenon arc
GB/T8430-98 textile color fastness test, resistance to artificial light fastness xenon arc
GB/T1865-97 Paints, varnishes, artificial weather aging and artificial radiation exposure
GB/T16991-97 textile color fastness test,
GB/T5137.3-96 simulated climate test method of resistant to radiation, heat, humidity, burning
GB/T16259-96 color building materials, artificial climate accelerated aging test method.

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