high-frequency simulator platform

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high-frequency simulator platform high-frequency simulator platform - HD-G826


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Shaker (Model# EDM-2000)
Sine force (peak) 30kN
Shock force (peak) 60 kN
Frequency range 5~2,600 Hz
Displacement (continuous) 100 mm
Max. Velocity1.8 m/s
Max. Acceleration75 G
Armature Diameter445 mm
1st order resonant frequency2,400 Hz
Allowable eccentric moment>500 Nxm
Armature weight40 kg
HE/ST screw dimensionM10 (metric)
Axial vibration isolation frequency<3 Hz
Max. Payload500 kg
Magnetic flux leakage≤1 mT
Dimensions (L×W×H, unpacked)1,330x860x1,250 mm
Weight (unpacked)2,500 kg
InstallationRubber mat (anchor bolts required)
Power Amplifier (Model# VSA-H323A)
Amplifier output30 kVA
SNR>65 dB
Rated output voltage120 Vrms
Amplifier efficiency> 90%
Dimensions (L×W×H, unpacked)800x900x2,100 mm
Weight (unpacked)500 kg
Blower (Model# PBL-W30)
Air volume0.46 m3/s
Power7.5 kW
Air duct diameter200 mm
Air pressure8.8kPa
InstallationAble to connect to ceiling (up to two 90 degree bends), max 20’ run
Horizontal Slip Table (Model# 30ST-600M)
Dimensions600x600 mm
Thickness45 mm
Frequency limit2,000 Hz
Effective mass54 kg
1. High pressure oil-film bearing is used for better uniformity.
Vibration Controller and Accelerometer
Vibration Controller VT-9008-44 Channel Vibration Controller with Sine and Self Calibration.
Accelerometer EA-YD-181100mV/g, Range: 50g, Working Freq.: 1-10kHz, Weight: 11gram, with 10ft low noise cable
Other supported functions/accessories
Environmental chambersSupported
Mobile devicesCustomizable
Insulation boardsCustomizable

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