chemical product hose / fluoropolymer / polyolefin



  • Use:

    for chemical products

  • Material:

    fluoropolymer, polyolefin

  • Inner diameter:

    Min.: 2 mm

    Max.: 6 mm

  • Outer diameter:

    Min.: 3 mm

    Max.: 8 mm

  • Pressure:

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

    Max.: 6 bar (87.023 psi)

  • Temperature:

    Min.: -20 °C (-4 °F)

    Max.: 60 °C (140 °F)


E-SBT is a five-layer tube, designed for ink-jet printers. It is more flexible than the conventional ink-resistant tube. This product is a higher-grade version for solvent-based inks. It shows higher ink resistance of inner and outer layers. The middle layer is composed of barrier resin, so compared with a tubing without barrier resin, the value of dissolved oxygen remains low. This means that E-SBT is a high gas barrier tubing, resulting in low evaporation of inks. Thus, ink ejection irregularity or clogging are less likely to occur.

RoHS2 Certificate: Available