CNC milling-turning center / 5-axis
max. 6 400 x 2 800 x 3 000 mm | HSTM HAMUEL Maschinenbau


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The HSTM series is especially developed for cost-effective manufacturing of high-precision work pieces, such as turbine blades, blisks and impellers. The machine concept allows single-part and series production as well. Latest drive and control technology guarantees high productivity and flexibility. Rigidity is a further key element of the HSTM series and supports with all other factors the technology of High Speed Cutting (HSC). Splendidly designed rotary axes with standard interfaces are the substantial characters for the highest productivity.

Availability for Production:
The compact design of the machine allows a quick and trouble-free instalation at the customer's site without any special requirements to the basement. Thus, a quick availability of the machine is given.

Machine Size:
The machine is in different sizes avialable. Customization for your work pieces are possible. The modular concept allows easy adaption to your specific request. Blisks with diameter 850 mm are possible with a variant of the machine. Differnet opportunities to load the work pieces to the machine, such as front loading or from the side, up to full integration in manufacturing systems with automatic loading systems can be realized.

Milling Spindle:
The Motor-Milling Spindle offers a high potential to machine difficult materials. High spindle speed for Aluminium, or strong spindle power with lower spindle speed for Titanium are available in the same Motor Spindle.
All kind of cooling and lubrication systems are integrated. So you will find outer cooling, high pressure, Minimum Quantity Lubrication through the spindle or outside of the spindle.


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