fiber optic transceiver / WiFi / data / DIN rail-mounted



  • Network:

    for fiber optics, WiFi

  • Other characteristics:

    data, DIN rail-mounted

  • Applications:

    for telecom networks, for fiber optics


AOBO 126B/126D series of industrial self-healing loop data optical transceiver are a type of the self-healing loop serial optical fibre communication equipment. In the application networking, a set of AOBO 126B/126D equipment is used as the master station equipment. One or more AOBO 126B equipment is considered as the standby master station equipment or slave station equipment. The number of station equipment in each self-healing loop network may reach 128 at most; a maximum of 6 (or 10) serial channels are allowed to be set between the equipment of the master and slave stations to attain the simultaneous communication. AOBO 126B series support the wide temperature range (-40℃~+85℃), strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, over-voltage protection, 24VDC redundant double power input, DIN rail and wall mounting and are capable of operating stably under the adverse industrial environment. AOBO 126B/126D series of industrial self-healing loop serial data optical transceiver can be widely applied to the road monitoring and other scenarios needing the data acquisition, such as the electronic monitoring data acquisition and industrial process control.