expanded polystyrene pre-expander / PLC-controlled / automatic / for expanded polypropylene
SPJ50, 90 Hangzhou Fangyuan Plastics Machinery Co.,Ltd



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    for expanded polystyrene, PLC-controlled, automatic, for expanded polypropylene


1.With PLC programmable controller and touch screen to control the whole working

procedure automatically .

2.Efficient screw conveyor and electronicweighing device attach to the expansion chamber.

3.With closed expansion chamber and pressuresensor control technology to realize stable

foaming pressure.

4.Expansion chamber temperature is controlled bytemperature sensor and valve positioner,

ensuring accurate temperature control.

5.Vibrating switch control material level to getaccurate density,density tolerance less than±2%.

6.Stainless steel Fluidized Bed Drier keepsinside temperature around 70.

1.Intelligent density control system enablesmachine to get timely density repore and to

automatically adjust parametersaccording to density tolerance(optional).

2.Secondary expansion device for SPJ130、SPJ160 is optional.