gas analyzer / trace / for integration / monitoring
GA-5000Trace Hangzhou Zetian Technology CO., Ltd



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    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    monitoring, online, sampling, high-performance, extractive, calibration, for harsh environments, tunable diode laser technology, laser, TDL


Product description
GA-5000 laser gas analyzer uses TDLAS technology and long-path reflection technology, which greatly improves the detection limit. It can analyze O2 , CO2, NH3 , CO , CH4, H2O, HCl, HF, etc, providing a new solution of online measurement of trace gases for natural gas, petrochemicals, environmental protection and steel and other industries.

1. Lowest interference with high measurement accuracy
2. Measuring cell with thermal insulation prevents the formation of acid mist in samples
3. Corrosivity of the sample considered, emergency protection designed
4. Automatic zero set, regular correction

1. Accuracy ≤±2%F.S.
2. Sensitivity ≤±1% F.S.
3. Response Time ≤20s(T90)
4. Explosion-proof Way: Positive purge
5. I/O mode: 4-20mA, relay, RS485
6. Purge Gas: 0.3MPa ~ 0.8MPa N2, clean air
7. 220VAC, 50Hz


Apply to flammable, corrosive, massive toxic and hazardous substances, complex production process, continuous production conditions of the chlor-alkali industry PVC production