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LGT-150 Hangzhou Zetian Technology CO., Ltd



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    multi-channel, tunable diode laser technology, process, for the food industry, for the mining industry, laser, TDL


Product Description
LGT-150 is a multi-channel type tunable laser gas analyzer based on TDLAS technology. It consists of central control unit and measuring probe. Supporting up to 8 measuring probe, a central control unit controls each measuring probe, processes data received and communicates through network. It supports 19" panel mounted and wall mounted installation.

1. High price performance ratio, reduce cost effectively
2. Parameters of multiple analyzers can be read on touch screen directly
3. Touch screen on the central control unit allows easy operation
4. Centralized control, up to 8 channels supported, intelligent management.
5. The maximum transmission distance from probe to the central unit is up to 1000 meters.
6. Distributed computing, any failure of the central unit or a probe does not affect the normal operation of other probe.

1. Response time: ≤5s (T90)
2. Type Of protection: ExdIICT6 GB
3. Enclosure rating: IP66
4. I/O mode: 4-20mA, RS485/RS232/GPRS
5. Purge gas: 0.3MPa ~ 0.8MPa N2, clean air

1. Metallurgical furnaces
2. Petrochemical chemical refining
3. Urea chlor-alkali manufacturing process
4. Industrial flue gas deNOx
5. Waste incineration
6. Process control of cement production
7. Combustion and thermal