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    for integration

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    automatic, continuous, monitoring, online, multi-parameter, RS485, extractive


Product Description

Waste incineration plants require automatic continuous monitoring main component content in flue gas, which include CO, HF, HCl, SO2, NOx and soot, while HCl and HF are the difficulties in detection.Under the condition of demand, the company developped a waste incineration HCl/HF analyzer.The principle of the system is based on the TDLAS technology, using the white pool retracing optical path structure design,measuring HCl and HF by high temperature hot wet extraction method.


1. Above 150 ℃ high temp. heating extraction, prevent dust and water vapor interference, avoid HCl/HF dissolving in water to form acid
2. In-situ installation, reducing pipeline gas adsorption of HCl and HF, improve the measurement precision
3. Adopt the most advanced online HCl and HF analysis technology " TDLAS + white pool "
4. No moving parts, powerful functions, support automatic calibration and remote operation maintenance, remote software upgrade, etc.


1. Range: 0-50ppm(customizable)
2. Detection limit: 0.5ppm
3. I/O mode: 4-20mA, RS485
4. Heating Temperature: >150℃
5. Enclosure rating: IP65


Apply to many environmental and industrial process gas emissions monitoring, mainly used for the incinerator flue gas analysis